Meet Aatish, a Scientist in the exchange program at the UA. Beyond his love for gym workouts and homemade meals, Aatish shares how he prioritizes sleep and stays fit during festive feasts. Get inspired by Aatish’s tips for a harmonious work-life balance. Don’t miss out—explore the full story on our website!

Spotlight on Wellness

Meet Rebeccah, the Program Assistant at the RISE Center, who has been consistently working on her well-being. From staying busy at sport activities with her 3 boys to conquering 5k, 8k races, and aiming for the Tuscaloosa half marathon, she shares her inspiring journey and valuable tips for maintaining work-life balance and improving overall wellbeing. Read more.

Webinar – Building an Attitude of Gratitude

Learn more about the practice of gratitude and its positive effects on our mental, emotional, and total wellbeing. Get practical tips on how you can incorporate thankfulness into your daily routine from certified health and life coach Dr. Abby Horton.