May’s Spotlight on Wellness

Chris shared great tips to improve your overall well-being, especially during long workdays. Read more.
Do you have a recent wellness success story, tips for maintaining a good work-life balance, or an amazing wellness program you are excited about that you want to share? Email to share your story.

Webinar – Overcoming Overwhelm

Feeling Overwhelmed? Let’s take the first steps to overcoming overwhelm at home and work through developing organization, rhythms, and routines. Taught by certified health and life coach Dr. Abby Horton.

Webinar – Successfully Navigating Menopause

Hormones, hot flashes, and night sweats. Perimenopause and menopause are not often discussed but should be as these are significant changes in a woman’s life. Join University Medical Center Registered Dietitian Suzanne Henson as she discusses nutrition and this stage of life and how to feel your best as you navigate these changes. 

Webinar – Move Better

Join UREC’s Charles Burroughs to learn how to move our bodies better so that we can reduce risk of injury, increase balance and awareness and be productive in our tasks of daily living.

Webinar – Don’t Stress About Stress

Examines the relationship between health and wellness and the importance of self-care. Learn specific strategies to develop and support positive coping strategies and resilience. Taught by certified health and life Coach Dr. Abby Horton.