Webinar – A Balanced Basket: Smarter Shopping, Healthier Eating

Building a balanced basket doesn’t have to be complicated! In this wellness class, you will learn several practical tips for smarter shopping, including easy, healthy meal and snack ideas that the whole family will love. Follow us step by step from creating the grocery list at home to putting a delicious, balanced meal on the table. 

Webinar – Your Health After 40

Preparing you for continued health after 40. Topics covered include recommended medical visits, testing, vaccinations, tailored nutrition and exercise for those 40 years and older. All ages are welcome! It is never to early to plan for continued health. Taught by certified health and life coach Dr. Abby Horton.

Spotlight on Wellness

Say hello to Sherri! She’s all about staying active with daily six-mile walks and having a blast in MoveSpring challenges. Sherri’s already achieved a wellness goal on her journey, proving that a little determination goes a long way. Read more of her story.

Webinar – Organize Your Life

Getting and keeping everything organized often feels like it’s an impossible task. This class will cover the fundamentals of how to “organize your life” one step at a time. Taught by certified health and life coach Dr. Abby Horton.

Spotlight on Wellness

Meet Lynn from OIT! She’s not just managing projects, but also her own well-being. Read her full story and get ready to be inspired to take your wellness to the next level. Remember, every step counts! 🚶‍♀️💓

Spotlight on Wellness

Discovering the perfect balance between work and personal life. Learn more about Qiang’s journey from a daily yoga to a daily hiker with my furry companion. Embracing nature’s beauty while staying grounded in a busy world! Read more.