Category: Wellness Education

Kindness Champion Nominations Continue

Recognizing each other from simple acts of kindness, above-and-beyond efforts, personal victories, team triumphs, and major accomplishments fosters a sense of belonging and also serves as an inspiration to be our best selves.  It’s the everyday victories that make a difference in the lives of others and should be celebrated. We’re continuing to celebrate all the many wonderful people who work to make UA an exceptional place to work. Learn more about our Kindness Champions and nominate someone you appreciate and who should be recognized.

Webinar – Clean Living Lifestyle

Find out more about the 5 benefits of clean living, while reaching your goals of a healthy lifestyle and protecting the planet. We will explore how to “ditch and switch” for cleaner, safer household and personal products.

Webinar – Your Health After 40

Preparing you for continued health after 40. Topics covered include recommended medical visits, testing, vaccinations, tailored nutrition and exercise for those 40 years and older. All ages are welcome! It is never too early to plan for continued health. Taught by certified health and life coach Dr. Abby Horton.