We recently hosted a wellness webinar about building resilience, managing stress, and setting yourself up to thrive in life.

What is a Resilient Mindset?

Resilience is the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity or setbacks. Having a resilient mindset allows you to overcome these setbacks and thrive. Cultivating a resilient mindset takes practice, so try these skills on a daily basis.

1. Self-Awareness

Take some time to journal your thoughts and feelings every day and practice mindfulness by paying attention to your 5 senses and being in the present moment.

2. Attention Control

Bring attention to where your focus is, especially when performing your daily tasks. Work on practicing stability and flexibility of your focus by focusing on one thing at a time, in the present moment.

3. Letting go Physically

Relax muscle tension and anywhere you hold tightness by checking in with your physical body every hour. Do a slow, full body scan and release any tension you’re holding.

4. Letting go Mentally

Stop holding on to thoughts or emotions that don’t serve you by asking yourself what you can control and what you cannot. Focus on those things within your control and on the present moment.

These are just a few ways to start cultivating a resilient mindset. If you are interested in seeing the full wellness class, you can watch here. This class was taught by Certified Health and Life Coach Dr. Abby Horton.