We recently hosted a wellness webinar about the power of gratitude and how to practice gratitude more often.

Small Acts = Big Impacts

How often do you really intentionally practice gratitude on a daily basis? Practicing gratitude at work can help you create a daily habit and it can be extremely impactful for your work satisfaction and relationships. Consider the 4 ways to express gratitude below.

1. Look for 1 good thing every day

As humans, we naturally notice and remember the negative things about the day. Try to actively notice and dwell on at least one good thing that happens every day.

Keep it small – like the weather, a good conversation you had, spending time with your pet, etc.

2. Acknowledge and show appreciation for your team

Recognize the hard work others are put in to complete a task, or the scarifies they might make to get the job done.

Give a high five, a shoutout in front of others, or write a thank you note. To be the most impactful, understand how others like to be appreciated.

3. Smile and speak in the halls

If you work in a building with others, you probably run in to people multiple times a day in the halls or break room. Get to know people and make conversation to foster a strong relationship.

Smile, ask questions about someone’s day or weekend, get to know what they do outside of work and their family.

4. Bring someone coffee

If you don’t always have the words to express gratitude for someone, bring them their favorite coffee or tea. Who doesn’t love a surprise coffee at work?!

Bring someone a coffee and take a couple minutes to enjoy it together and talk.

These are just a few tips to start expressing more gratitude at work to build stronger relationships and reap the positive benefits. If you are interested in seeing the full wellness class, you can watch here. This class was taught by Certified Health and Life Coach Dr. Abby Horton.