We recently hosted a wellness webinar about overcoming overwhelm and fostering a sense of control in one’s life.

Feeling Overwhelmed? That’s Normal

Feeling overwhelmed can make you feel even more overwhelmed right? It’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed at times, but having the skills and tools to overcome these feelings and gain control once again can help! Consider the steps below to start gaining control over your thoughts and feelings.

1. Acknowledge and Accept

Try to accept the feelings you’re feeling. Don’t fight against them. All emotions are part of being human.

2. Reframe

Ask yourself, “are my thoughts harmful or helpful in this moment?” If they’re harmful, try to reframe them in a way to help yourself overcome the situation.

3. Take a Brain Break

At times, it may be more beneficial to take a step back from the situation and return later. Do something that relaxes you in the meantime.

4. WIN

Be present in the current moment by focusing on WIN – What’s Important Now.

Slow down, give yourself some grace, and seek support when you need to help overcome feeling overwhelmed. If you are interested in seeing the full wellness class, you can watch here. This class was taught by Certified Health and Life Coach Dr. Abby Horton.